Synthetic, but still food. Does chicken taste like chicken?

Interesting times, something I’m pondering and following currently. Putting my thoughts in this article for you. The Guardian wrote about how this restaurant in Israël made history by selling a chicken burger, that wasn’t...

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Talking about a crossrope experience

Ha, another weird thing that I got into during 2020. Jumproping! Believe me, that I feel a lot sillier...

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Raspberry PI 101 (how to feel less like an idiot)

I started as an idiot, now I’m less of one. Let me share that journey with you, so you...

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Standard mac setup for me!

Every time I get a new mac I need to jump through all these hoops. I’ve decided to share...

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If you started with this page, I would consider you start reading why instead! What the hell is this...

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The difference between how and what is blurry – I’d like to share my definitions here, consider them whilst...

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Because caps lock is overrated (how to put it to better use)

I know there are a lot of people who abuse caps lock for all the wrong reasons, but I’m...

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