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1177 days at diconium

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Join me on a journey of personal and professional growth at diconium, a rapidly expanding company, where I transitioned from an experienced start-up player to a futurist and empathetic leader, driving impactful projects such as VW's mobile charging apps. My story is not only a testament to the power of an inclusive, innovative corporate culture that nurtures leaders but also a personal transformation into resilience and an advocate for mental health and diversity.

It was 1177 days ago when I joined diconium as an Advanced Product Owner. My professional background contains a lot of start-ups that have grown me into who I am. But stepping into diconium, I faced something new – other 'product owners' finally, those 'classmates' I could talk to or spar with.

Diconium's distinctiveness extended beyond its composition. the spirit, and with that, the company's culture made it stand out. Our organisation grew from 1000 to 2000 people, and I noticed everyone's opinions mattered in decision-making. The exponential growth never diluted the individuality of its employees; instead, it amplified the symphony of diverse ideas.

In this environment, I evolved, becoming a futurist, an empathic leader, and an evangelist of agility. I learned and adapted to every challenge, applying forward-thinking solutions to problems, always grounded by empathy for my team and our users. I advocated "agile by doing," helping me navigate the digital world's complex currents.

One of my proudest achievements during this period was delivering several significant product increments for the VW world. I had a central role in creating their mobile charging apps, a milestone that pushed the boundaries of technology and sustainable transportation solutions.

At the same time, a personal transformation was happening too. I became calmer, more resilient. The whirlwind of the start-up world had shaped me, but the culture of diconium allowed me to find serenity amidst the storm.

One aspect I hold dear to my heart is my role in fostering awareness of mental health and diversity within the organisation. These were not just 'topics' for me but deeply personal issues that held the power to shape an inclusive, empathetic corporate culture.

My journey with diconium is more than a story of a product owner's growth. It's a testament to the power of an inclusive, innovative corporate culture that takes care of individuals to become leaders. As I continue my journey, I am excited to embrace new challenges and opportunities, always staying agile, empathetic, and ready for the future.

We are still looking for new Product Owners, but please get in touch with me before you do so!

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