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EURO 2024 ICS – icalender file, with specials!

some excerpt

I decided to dive into python a little bit to figure out if I like the language, and well, I think I can say it was love at first sight.

Read below the instructions if you're interested in that story, but you'll probably just want the ICS file right?


In case that doesn't work for you, you could request a 'static' version instead, it won't update though - you'll have to pull (finals and scores) yourself regularly:


the longer story

I've been coding pretty much since I sat on my dads lap and saw him working in BASIC:

10 do something
20 if this fails
30 goto 10

I was fascinated. I took his book and typed over each line until I had something of a game, a small thing that did something with text or otherwise.

Fast forward, and even though coding is not my daily business, I do enjoy coding a lot. It's brain training, understanding what my colleagues are doing but also to translate some coding (concepts) towards business as a way to tell them to leave the team alone a bit. It's never as simple as everyone thinks it is.

In the meanwhile I picked up Pascal, C, java, did a lot of visual basic (even sold my first apps) and graduated with a great app we built using a card reader to check-in kids in school. Very slow, but very awesome.

Remember, those days 'the internet' wasn't the coding haven we used to know where everything was findable, and GPT was just an idea.

I've slowly progressed into more modern languages along the way, with actionscript (RIP) and more recently javascript enables a ton of my home automation, with a drizzle of bash sweetening my terminal experiences.

I've heard a ton about python before, read some of the code already and it seemed 'simple', very well explained and not having issues with ';' as javascript tends to haunt me with. Also there are a ton of supported libraries and I've dealt with 'python' and 'pip' before thanks to some other CLI tools.

So, here we are. An ICS file created by a python script. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy, but it seems to work well!

Github repo: https://github.com/CaseyRo/EC2024ics/

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