man holding fire sparks inside room
man holding fire sparks inside room // Photo by Samuel-Elias Nadler


The difference between how and what is blurry – I’d like to share my definitions here, consider them whilst you’re snooping around on this site. If you skipped the why, go back to start. You will not receive $ 20.000.

My how is a ‘guide to the galaxy’, a set of processes, my ‘magic tricks’, the hard work. It’s the thing you would hire me for, to talk how we get from 0 to 1, building a relationship with your first customer, developing (with) your (SAFe) product team or improving your mobile app from 2 to 5 stars (I know your pain!)

The how is the discussion we have considering your business idea, pitch, or formatted vision / mission statements (hint: I don’t do well in vision workshops, call me when you’re done with that!) – and how to bring that idea to reality.

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You call me to plan and build your next agile increment, sharpen your OKR’s or to fast forward an idea to a working prototype. Regardless if that’s with 10 or 100 people. My every day learnings is what I bring to the table, I’m not the academic, I practice before I preach.

You’ll find a lot of my hows on this website. Thoughts captured in raw format posts, sketches, bits of code and youtube videos. I’ve never called myself a perfectionist or finisher, and you won’t find a 100% solution here. I’ll keep adjusting things, re-post them or take them away if they’re irrelevant. Bookmark what you think is great, ask questions and feel free to add your thoughts – I want to learn how others think, every day!


Yes this stuff is weird. That’s because is a reflection of my thoughts and ideas. A blank canvas for me to work with, for you to consume.

About me

🔨 Product owner at diconium by day

🤓 Nerd by night. Also 🎥 lover, audiophile, casual 🎮 and F1 fanatic 🏁

👨‍💻 Extravert, entrepreneur, gets things done, above all human being.

🎤 Talks Frysian, 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪

📈 Verum ipsum factum

✔️ My opinions are personal.

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