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(Multi purpose) Electric Vehicles

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This article is in progress, a topic I've been researching and refining. Follow along if you like it. Next to the known 'new EV manufacturers' and the old school companies playing catch-up, there are some rarities around as well, that I can be very excited about (and also sceptical)

What I love most about these new manufacturers is the way they look at building their vehicles. Technology like ‘microfactories’ (building vehicles with a lot fewer robots than a full assembly line) makes their options a lot more flexible/agile.

A base platform that is the same for each vehicle is something they also have in common. Companies like VW have developed those platforms too, but take a lot longer. Also emerging markets are hard to work with in platforms that need to be supported for probably a decade.

Changing materials from steel, to plastic based, is another significant change. It allows for easier repairs and better maintenance.

Examples of manufacturers I’m tracking:


  • not that new anymore, also have their HQ in Berlin!
  • their business model and ideas are creative, refreshing, new, and dealing with 'range anxiety' in a way that makes a ton of sense - as long as you drive nio.
  • repeating myself. as long as you drive nio.

Nio in Berlin

Articles of interest:

  1. https://teslamag.de/news/nio-10000-elektroauto-akku-tausch-europa-1000-neue-stationen-china-56834

CANOO MP Vehicle


  • starting from scratch in the EV environment
  • purpose-built
  • platform base
  • Comes from outside of the EU, much fewer politics
  • looks like a concept, not going to happen in the EU in this form.



  • electric delivery
  • purpose-built
  • lots and lots of storage room

ZOOX Van (and amazon)

  1. Great video from them on dealing with Amazon
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