person wearing black leather shoes
person wearing black leather shoes // Photo by Fallon Michael

<excerpt> I love the idea of keeping a bit of ‘now’ going on what I’m doing and what’s happening in my life. See it as a personal limited view about what is going on right now, not what has happened in the past (I need a resume page for that around here)</excerpt>

Thanks for the inspiration Frank Meeuwsen, Derek Sivers and especially Harry Kellert on getting this all started!


  1. I’m currently working as Product Owner at Diconium. Responsible for (a part of) the weconnect.ID app, this is taking most of my time these days.
  2. Additionally, coaching as “Team Lead”, of Product Owners and Scrum Masters on the job. I love this part, and I am trying to extend it.
  3. This always feels more hobby than work, I’m consulting my better half at her company, – and doing the tech work there.

Personal life

  1. Recently moved to a nice small village (lived in Berlin for 8 years) little over an hour travelling from the bustling city center. The move has done us well, both for mental and physical reasons.
  2. I’m engaged for 3 years now, COVID-19 has kept us from getting married
  3. Trying to cope with COVID-19 as we all do, even though thanks to the move I feel this is my life now, things no longer feel on hold as before.


  1. I do a few things for #WTDIB;

    1. Keeping a PHP, based on Slim PHP REST API backend going. Connecting:

      1. Google sheets (as database, no joke 😉)
      2. Stripe
      3. Moneybird
      4. Sendgrid
      5. SQLite
      6. Nodered
      7. and some other APIs
    2. Building and maintaining a PHP/javascript frontend for people to book the (digital) tours my fiancée is organising (in Dutch) based on

      1. Plain JS (with jQuery and Lodash splashed around for laziness)
      2. TailwindCSS
      3. Mustache
      4. Stripe
    3. Doing background analysis, feeding curiosity with

      1. Sentry
      2. Segment
  2. I have a big interest in home automation, using NodeRed to have a system that is independent of any single supplier (except Apple for the UI). This system connects the following parts;

    1. Lights, outlets, and switches using zigbee2mqtt
    2. IP-based devices from Shelly
    3. “Some” logic in nodered, enabling pretty much everything automatically
    4. And everything is, of course, running on one of my Raspberry Pi’s!
  3. I picked up photography again

  4. Being currently injured is my biggest ‘pain’, so no running or crossfit for the moment

  5. Reading up / watching a lot of F1 content recently, since the new season is coming!


  1. ‘The expanse’ series
  2. Waiting for the next Obama book


I’m a casual gamer, so I enjoy numerous games but on my ‘currently playing’ list are:


  1. Cyberpunk 2077 (patch 1.5 is very solid)
  2. F1 2021 (catching up for the season)
  3. Minecraft Dungeons (co-op is fun!)

Played recently (not bored with it yet)

  1. DMC5
  2. Forza Horizon 5


Yes this stuff is weird. That’s because is a reflection of my thoughts and ideas. A blank canvas for me to work with, for you to consume.

About me

🔨 Product owner at diconium by day

🤓 Nerd by night. Also 🎥 lover, audiophile, casual 🎮 and F1 fanatic 🏁

👨‍💻 Extravert, entrepreneur, gets things done, above all human being.

🎤 Talks Frysian, 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪

📈 Verum ipsum factum

✔️ My opinions are personal.

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