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person wearing black leather shoes // Photo by Fallon Michael


I love the idea of keeping a bit of ‘now’ going on what I’m doing and what’s happening in my life. See it as a personal limited view about what is going on right now, not what has happened in the past (todo for myself: I need a resume page for that around here)

Thanks for the inspiration [Frank Meeuwsen][1], [Derek Sivers][2] and especially [Harry Kellert][3] on getting this all started and being part of the now movement.


  1. I’m currently working as Senior Product Owner at Diconium. In my road to becoming a director I'm supporting a lot of projects in figuring out what they actually need to solve their problems.
  2. Additionally, coaching as “Team Lead” of Product Owners and Scrum Masters on the job. I love this part, watching people grow is exciting!
  3. Considering my future, doing a lot of self reflection at the moment.

Personal Life

  1. Moved to a nice small village (lived in Berlin for 8 years) little over an hour travelling from the bustling city centre. The move has done us well, both for mental and physical reasons. 2 years have flown past and we feel amazing here!
  2. I’ve been engaged for 4,5 years now, COVID-19 has kept us from getting married, but this year it will happen!
  3. Sien has joined our life, a small (but 20 KG) ball of love, happiness and playfulness. A missing link in my life!

Sientje the crazy dog


  1. I have a big interest in home automation, using NodeRed (now with home assistant as UI) to have a system that is independent of any single supplier (except Apple for the UI). This system connects the following parts;

    1. Lights, outlets, and switches using [zigbee2mqtt][7]
    2. IP-based devices from [Shelly][8], considering a Tasmota flash though!
    3. “Some” logic in node-red, enabling daily routines and circadian lighting automatically
    4. Using home-assistant as the 'frontend' of this, expanding my options to visualise things a lot more
    5. And everything is, of course, running on a few of my Raspberry Pi’s in docker swarm (and a mac mini M2 running ubuntu as a VM)
  2. I picked up photography again, with a FUJI XE-4 and a DJI mini 3 pro

  3. Rowing, running and jump-roping my way through the week physically (next to walking Sien)


  1. I just finished 'snow crash' – which is stunningly accurate from a book written in 1994.
  2. I started reading 'the wager' – an excellent pirate meets fact book based on an English ship from the 18th century.


I’m a casual gamer, so I enjoy numerous games but on my ‘currently playing’ list are:

  1. Waiting for Diablo IV.
  2. Really that's it.


Yes this stuff is weird. That’s because is a reflection of my thoughts and ideas. A blank canvas for me to work with, for you to consume.

About me

🔨 Product owner at diconium by day

🤓 Nerd by night. Also 🎥 lover, audiophile, casual 🎮 and F1 fanatic 🏁

👨‍💻 Extravert, entrepreneur, gets things done, above all human being.

🎤 Talks Frysian, 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪

📈 Verum ipsum factum

✔️ My opinions are personal.

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