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Scrobbling apple music to last.fm automatically (using airplay)

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I've been looking for a way to scrobble last.fm from my airplay plays, and I have found (a bit of a workaround) to be able to do this successfully.


  1. Raspberry PI (3 or 4)
  2. DAC (Digi pro 2+ in my case, but any should work, even your regular PI line-out)
  3. A receiver to output your audio to

I've streamed my airplay to a receiver up til now, it works great - but of course, this lacked the scrobbling part.

Here Comes Volumio!

As far as my testing goes, volumio has passed all my test regarding functionality, simplicity and user interface design, without losing flexibility.

volumio playing airplay

It does Spotify (connect) well, works for Bluetooth, line-in feeds, and functions well as a roon bridge. Using FusionDSP also allows for EQ adjustments based on room measurements, and the interface has cleaned up nicely over time.

It also allows for last.fm scrobbling, which I ignored for Spotify but use for all my other sources (mostly radio). And well, that also works for Airplay!

last.fm scrobbling with airplay

Leave your thoughts/ideas/improvements!