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Synthetic, but still food. Does chicken taste like chicken?

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Interesting times, something I’m pondering and following currently. Putting my thoughts in this article for you.

The Guardian wrote about how this restaurant in Israël made history by selling a chicken burger, that wasn’t chicken.

Meat made in a lab?{.right}

I’ve been thinking this one through, since we started eating less meat, and more ‘as good as’ meat products. Meat replacements are great, but never really cut it. Combine that with the nutrient values, if you are into that, and there you’ll find a deficit in comparison to what we should be eating.

No red meat means less iron. Even though soja contains a lot of protein, it takes a lot of water to produce and co2 to transport, let alone put it in plastic and sell it with a big marketing add-on in the local supermarket.

What if you could create ‘meat’ in a lab or even in the supermarket itself, for a similar price than what you pay for chicken now? Taking away the ‘massive’ bio farms we have these days, where 1000’s of chickens are being kept to breed?

How about the countries where the cards haven’t been dealt in their favor? What if we can introduce a richer diet variety in those countries? Growing ‘meat’ in a petri dish, feeding people in even easier ways than shipping sacks of rice or relying on harvests that might fail due to climate change?

Wait, what about my job?{: .left}

And yes - our planet is running out of natural resources, we take more than we give. That is our main priority. I’m fascinated by what we can create, cure and grow in the relative safety of a lab, with less impact on the world than soy or mega farms.

I’d like to show you this excellent video from Bloomberg:

Articles I’ve read about this topic that might be of interest for you:

  1. An article on about the progress on “artificial meat” since the beginning of the 2000’s
  2. Singapore approving cultivated meat as first country in the world
  3. Pepsi getting into action with ‘beyond meat’ collaboration
  4. Israel is advancing quickly on synthetic food, but plant based is successful too, in a dominently meat driven market.
  5. Syntethic milk is making a lot of progress

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