white wooden framed Do What You Can't by Casey Neistat quote
white wooden framed Do What You Can't by Casey Neistat quote // Photo by Moritz Mentges


If you started with this page, I would consider you start reading why instead!

What the hell is this site?

The TL;DR: My playground – where I share what I think, do, wonder about and process.

The long story:

  1. I’m not happy with social media – the power it contained is no longer in the hands of the users, the new galactic empire has won. What we thought were heroes became the new empire, a money hungry, dark bunch of shareholders, gatekeeping what used to enable boundary-less communication.
  2. I’ve tried a lot of platforms to share my creativity, with platforms like Medium, Youtube, slideshare to name the top of the iceberg, but all never fit me. Casting your creativity into a mould, promoting a factory line with (cheap) content as the outcome, where the platforms control the design, visibility and income. I will use the learnings of these platforms to fuel my own place on the internet (again), but won’t allow it the other way around. You’ll see me using youtube to share video or twitter to generate feedback, but I won’t crosspost to medium or linkedin.
  3. Even linkedin conforms every (creative) professional into the same boring standard way of looking. It is impossible to swim against the stream, show your individuality, to be creative. The more mature the platform, the less diverse it’s outings. You’re either inside the matrix, or you don’t exist. I see it as my personal mission to create something outside those constraints. Unplug myself.
  4. All that rage I’m now channeling onto this website. Where I share stories, talk about my work and the countless decisions to make. My uncertainty, fear of making the wrong choices, butting my head against the wall, figuring out I ran the same circle again. And about no longer running that marathon.
  5. And then there’s the tinker inside of me. Verum ipsum factum. We understand what we can build (or break, or fix). I’ve been fascinated by programming since I was young, wanting to understand what HTML was about. One thing lead to another, and I’ve never lost that urge to find out how things work. This website is one of the more visible things in ‘wanting to know how it works’.

  1. I am an entrepreneur. I’ve been inexperienced in a lot of things. Simon Sinek summarized this perfectly.

I know this website will, at some point, turn into something that I didn’t think of before, leading to opportunities, insights, more ideas that I right now can’t think of. I hope you’ll be part of that journey!

About casey.berlin

Yes this stuff is weird. That’s because casey.berlin is a reflection of my thoughts and ideas. A blank canvas for me to work with, for you to consume.

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