timelapse photography of fire
timelapse photography of fire // Photo by Jeremy Perkins


If only some of my colleagues at Diconium would read this next line…

I love Simon Sinek’s golden circle / start with why. And that’s the main reason I’m creating these why/how/what pages. Let me share why that is.

Why” is my biggest failure. I’m constantly running into it again and again. I’m actually not starting with why, but always with a solution.

No matter if it were the years that I’ve founded (and closed) my own consultancy company, the time in Berlin working for start-ups or massive corporates, asking the simple question of ‘why’ opens doors, starts interesting conversations, creates an understandig (or blank stares) and separates the good from the bad. I know that now.

Knowing that, why this website you may ask?

I need a place to call my own. Where I can share my learnings, in the shape I’d like it to be. Not limited to ~~140~~280 characters, a square image or an add infected blue page, but a shape I can define. Where even the shape itself is many why’s, hows and whats, not the most ideal journey to profit -- but a structure that creates value for me (and with that, for you, I hope)

If someone reads the content here, finds a solution, learns something from it, steals it and publishes a book about it, I. Don’t. Care. I have a million more things, ideas, processes to consider, to test, to share. This is my playground.

I’ve been helping people all my life. Why? It feels it’s the least I can do in this life, it will always push me further than I will do myself.

If this website is of help for you, inspires you, brings you closer to the solution you were looking for, finally solving that problem with your home automation setup, giving you a new perspective, or simply a bit of laughter or wonder - you’re welcome! (and leave a comment, or not - if you’re in a hurry 😉)

Best, Casey

About casey.berlin

Yes this stuff is weird. That’s because casey.berlin is a reflection of my thoughts and ideas. A blank canvas for me to work with, for you to consume.

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